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Six years after the event, the trial of the Nice attack begins in Paris on September 5, 2022. It is expected to last four months. The Nice attack of July 14, 2016, caused the death of 86 people of 19 different nationalities and injured nearly 500. That evening, nearly 30,000 people had come to watch the fireworks in the second most touristy city in France. This attack is also the first in France that has impacted so many children since it targeted families and friendly groups who came to enjoy the show. The first objective of a trial is always judicial. It is an important step for those involved and it also allows to give back its importance to each individual story. However, the trial can also reactivate painful memories. Solutions exist to take care of your mental health and that of your loved ones.

Six years after the event, the usual symptoms of PTSD change. Signs that are usually more discreet become important indicators that the person is in trouble:
→ Instability
→ Reduced effectiveness in daily life
→ Withdrawal
→ Mood changes and a shift to a negative view of the world
→ Excessive tendency to follow the trial, as if the person were "caught up"

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