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Referencing my business

The Cn2r identifies the range of specialized care available nationwide for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, provided by public and private non-profit organizations and establishments (mainly associations and foundations), which apply conventional rates.

Listing prerequisites

For establishments, the first and imperative condition for referencing by Cn2r is to have a FINESS number. The form is completed and validated by the head of the facility's department, who pledges to meet three cumulative criteria: to have on staff professionals who have :

→ professional experience in the care of people suffering from psychotraumatic syndromes. This experience must be at least one year, or at least two years in the absence of specific initial or continuing training in psychotrauma.

→ mastery of at least one psychotherapy validated by a scientific approach or whose effectiveness is recognized in published recommendations of good therapeutic practice.

→ which guarantee regular practice analysis.

Application processing

On receipt by Cn2r :

- The file is incomplete or contains errors: a request for additional information and/or corrections is e-mailed to the establishment.

- The application is complete and the name of the facility has been forwarded in advance by the regional psychotrauma center in the applicant's area of practice: the application is validated and the facility referenced.

- The file is complete and the name of the applicant establishment has not been previously forwarded by the regional psychotrauma center in the applicant's area of practice: the file is forwarded to the regional psychotrauma center for an opinion.

In the event of non-validation, reasons will be given to the establishment.

Submission of applications

Applications are submitted via a referencing request form on the simplified procedures website.

Simplified procedures

File update

Once a year, on the anniversary date of registration, by sending an update request. Establishments that have not confirmed the update within three months will no longer be listed, and will have to reapply for listing.


Data controller: Cn2r, 103 boulevard de la liberté, 59000 Lille, France

If you have any questions about data protection:

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