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Spotlight on French publications on psychotrauma and resilience

Cn2r's mission is to promote French research into psychotrauma and resilience. In 2023, it is inaugurating two scientific prizes to reward recent publications in the field, across all disciplines.

The scientific prizes are divided into two categories:

  • "Applied Research Prize: €2,000
  • "Fundamental research prize: €2,000

The Applied Research Award honors an original, innovative publication with clinical or epidemiological applications, or with the potential to improve practices. The Basic Research Prize honors an original and innovative publication whose aim is to generate new knowledge and improve understanding of phenomena of all kinds related to psychotrauma and resilience, in a way that is more exploratory and independent of their concrete applications.

To be eligible, articles must be affiliated to a French team or laboratory and have been published (or accepted for publication) in English or French in a peer-reviewed scientific journal within the last two years.

Publications will be pre-selected by theCn2r team and evaluated by a jury comprising members of the Cn2r Scientific Advisory Board and external researchers recognized for their expertise in the field. They will judge the originality of the theme, the methodology used and the large-scale impact of the work carried out.

All interested first-time authors are invited to submit a pdf version of their article, together with a copy of the article acceptance email in the case of an accepted or in-press article, on the démarches-simplifiées platform. The publication must be accompanied by a CV.

The deadline for entries is Sunday August 6 at 11:59 pm.

Candidates will be notified of the results on Friday, October 13, and the prizes will be awarded to the winners at the second Cn2r Scientific Day, to be held on Thursday, November 9, 2023 in Marseille. On this occasion, the author of the best publication in each category will be invited to present his or her work in a few minutes. The 2nd and 3rd place publications in each category will also be recognized and featured on the Cn2r website.

More information on the precise terms and conditions of the competition in the rules (click here).

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