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Attentats du 13 novembre 2015

Dans la soirée du 13 novembre 2015, une série d’attaques terroristes a frappé Paris. Elles ont ciblé le Stade de France, la salle de concert du Bataclan et des restaurants et terrasses de plusieurs arrondissements de la capitale. Lors des attentats du 13 novembre, 131 personnes sont décédées et plus de 400 ont été blessées physiquement.

Six years later, the trial for these attacks begins in Paris on September 8, 2021. It is scheduled to last nine months. The first objective of a trial is always judicial. It's an important step for those involved, which also helps to restore the importance of each individual story. However, the trial can also reactivate painful memories. There are ways to take care of your mental health and that of your loved ones.

What are the signs of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Victims involved in the Paris attacks

The moment of trial can be difficult, as it can revive or reawaken the traumatic experience. Taking care of yourself is particularly important. We need to protect ourselves from overexposure, especially in the media: we don't have to see and watch everything.

It's also important not to bury your feelings, but to talk about them and not isolate yourself. It's not possible to erase the trauma, but it is possible to make sense of it, and get on with a life that may be different, but is still worth living.

Recommendations for direct and indirect victims and bereaved relatives

Interview with Françoise Rudetzki

Francoise Rudetzki - Cn2r

Member of the Cn2r's Scientific and Orientation Council, herself a victim of a terrorist attack in 1983, she has dedicated her life to recognizing victims.

Listen to his podcast:

Interview with Denis Peschanski

Denis Peschanski - Cn2r

Member of the Cn2r Scientific and Orientation Council, historian, CNRS research director and co-director of the 13-November program.

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Support from Paris Aide aux Victimes

Paris Aide aux Victimes is an association created in 1987 and affiliated to the France Victims network. It welcomes, listens to and provides information to victims of criminal offenses, disasters and collective accidents, and public road accidents involving offenses. It is staffed by legal experts and psychologists who can offer guidance and psychological support to victims and their families. Its services are free and confidential. The association has over thirty years' experience in providing psychological support to victims of terrorism.

[/vc_row_inner]Finding support for yourself or a loved one
- Cn2r
trouble de stress post-traumatique - approfondir mes compétences

Interview with Carole Damiani

Carole Damiani - Cn2r

Member of the Cn2r Scientific and Advisory Board, psychologist, General Secretary of the Trauma-Alfest association and Director of Paris Aide aux Victimes.Member of the Cn2r Scientific and Advisory Board, psychologist, General Secretary of the Trauma-Alfest association and Director of Paris Aide aux Victimes.

Listen to his podcast:

Cultural resources

Chroniques d une survivante - Cn2r

Chronique d'une survivante, Catherine Bertrand, Editions de la Martinière, 2018

Discover all the cultural recommendations on the theme "Wars".

Cultural resources
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